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Matias F. Travieso-Diaz

Who, Why and  How

I am a Cuban American engineer and lawyer who, having retired from the practice of law, has rediscovered the pleasures of creative writing.  I started this site to share with others my creative efforts.

In addition to fiction in both English and Spanish, I will include here some legal papers I have written over the years on issues relating to Cuba, and miscellaneous other writings.


 I had fun creating the works reproduced here and hope you will enjoy them also.  In any case, I will welcome any and all comments.


I intend to update the contents of this site with new material depending on my inspiration and the available time.

My Books



My first collection of short stories, "The Satchel and Other Terrors," was published in February 2023 and is available through Amazon and other retailers, see

I have completed two novels that take place in Cuba during its Colonial era, "The Taíno Women" (16th Century) and "The Travels of Lázaro Serrano (18th Century). I am working on the third novel of the trilogy, "Cubans at War" (19th Century), centered around Cuba's wars of independence from Spain.

Wooden House in the Forest

English  Writings

I have recently authored over fifty stories of various lengths and genres.  My stories have appeared or are scheduled to appear in over a dozen publications, including the New Reader Magazine; the Dual Coast Magazine; the Lite Lit One Journal; the Theme of Absence Magazine; the Night to Dawn Magazine; the Jerry Jazz Magazine; the Dream of Shadows Magazine; Jitter Press; the Bethlehem Writers Roundtable; Emerging Worlds; The Patchwork Raven; Czykmate Productions - How HORROR-able Anthology; the New Orbit Magazine; Clarendon House -  Maelstrom: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Literary Anthology 2019; the New Accelerator; Tell-Tale Press; Gypsum Sound Tales; Alban Lake Publishing – Frostfire Worlds; Selene Quarterly Magazine; Somos en Escrito, The Literary Hatchet and Aurora Wolf. Here are some of the published stories.

The Blue Pearls    A Boon from an Angel    Big Q and Little Q      The Amoebas       A Viennese Story        Tattoos

The Lunar Moth     Opaque     The Dopey Lion  The Sisters of Mercy    The Hajj    Something in the Water  The Village

English  Writings

I have authored over one hundred stories of various lengths and genres.  My stories have appeared or are scheduled to appear in over one hundred paying short story anthologies, magazines and podcasts.  Following are copies of some of my published stories.


                                                                        Reynard and Hermeline     The Village (Best Horror Stories)

                   Blue Pearls  Boon from Angel  Big Q /Little Q      Slug            The Amoebas         Viennese Story   Tattoos

The Satchel  Release    Medusa's Stare  May The Best "Man"  Leaf          New Species     Magic Chrysler

Girl, etc.  Stay in Mayami Rapture    Figaro The Hungry Wolf  Tiger by Tail   Very Cold Hand  Sisters

Pride Festival          Rosalba        Last Angel   Hope for the Future   Magic Apple   Five Cowries    Faun at Large  Pineal Split

Terraforming  Xmas in Ushuaia  Liebestod        Luck     Something/Water   The Portal        Lung Repl.   Carmen  

Zara           The Potion   Scherazade's Last    The Last  Tsar    Release       Complete        Opaque   Showdown

Black Hole      Butterfly      The Adoration  Dopey Lion  Lunar Moth       Last Will      Dummies Cuban Soap Opera

Slide Show    Time Travel    Forest Whistles   Mapinguari       Gronks       Gwarwyn     Honey Cake      Henrietta

Late Bloomer  Dragon's Bite  Spring Flowers Phantom Brother Gift from Goddess Propose       Romeo   Leonardo Rose

  Search        The Glass Jar     The Hollow Tree   Laughing Gas  The ... Panda    Animal Stories  Beheading  A Kind Heart

Fractious Fam. Laughing Gas  Lampoons   Born on Wed.    Taste of Blood    Transit          Happiness  Theme & Var.  Meander.

Last Supper    Don't Eat Garum   Mouths of  Trip to Barbados    The Hajj     Tattoos          Walk on   King Peroz p. 41 

Don Juan    Three Waltzes     Man O'War  Dragon's Farewell


Escritos en Español

Here I include some of my writings in Spanish.  Others will be added as warranted
                  Transposicion       Los Caracoles    Las Amebas  Los Pasquines

                                Matrimonio Modelo  Limpieza Inconclusa     Reporte      Una Cita con el Diablo

Miscellaneous Writings and Podcasts

The Magic Apple podcast
00:00 / 21:26
00:00 / 21:33

      The Magic Apple Podcast                         Slug Podcast                             The Black Pen    Fran's Funeral Remarks   Anniversary

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00:00 / 22:31

The Honey Cake podcast       The Gift From the Goddess            Remembering Fran  How Proposed   A Kind and Generous                                 

A deal with a genie is never as simple as it seems🎙️ The Gift from the Goddess 🎙️Fantasy
00:00 / 21:34
The story did not end at 1001 tales🎙️ Scheherazade’s Last Tale 🎙️ Fantasy Short Story
00:00 / 18:49
a109 The Spider god Anansi always makes a profit 🎙️ Selling Adama 🎙️ African Short Sto
00:00 / 29:20

Scheherazade's Lasr Tale                        Selling Adama

Pink Sugar


Over the course of forty years of marriage, my wife and I filled our house with many art pieces: paintings, a couple of sculptures, a lot of Native American pottery. Now she is gone and the art no longer serves its purpose and I would like to sell it. I will be adding photos and brief descriptions of the pieces so that anyone who is interested in acquiring any of them may contact me to arrange for purchasing it.

           Original Paintings


1. Rane

Rane Masthead_edited.jpg
Still Life_edited_edited.jpg

1. Rane, The Masthead                                                                                    2. Still Life


3. Doorway                                                                                                               4. Resting Cat

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